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Interested in Juicing? Check out our Instructional Video of our Favourite Super Immune Boosting Blen

Own a juicer? Interested in Purchasing a Juicer? Here's a great video on the home Juicer that I own and love. Its the Omega 8004 Juicer which is considered a masticating juicer. What is a masticating juicer? The juicer motor spins at a slower rate which allows more extraction from your fruits and veggies. It also allows you to juice things such as Wheat Grass. For the maximum health benefit of juicing Wheat grass it must be done at a slow speed. If you live in the Windsor, Essex County area you can purchase the Omega Juicer at Germaine Restaurant Equipment which is located at 1131 Crawford Ave. It was the best investment that I have ever made for myself and family. I am a huge believer in the benefits of juicing and want to extend some good info to you!

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